Lots of Sardines
posted on: 2020-09-05

Tens of thousands of birds, from cormorants and terns to gulls, dive-bomb the twisting mass, in an unrelenting aerial assault, whilst myriad predators attack from below. Bottlenose and common dolphins work together in a sheepdog fashion, forcing thousands of fish at a time into ‘bait balls’, forcing them closer to the surface where they can pounce on their fully suspecting lunch. Shark species, including great whites, hammerheads and bronze whalers attack from below, gulping down the tasty fish that have learned safety in numbers has its limits in the marine world. This almost unlimited sardine supply is also under threat from Cape fur seals, humpback whales and minke whales, as well as shoals of game fish, including Garrick and geelbak.

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