Odd Friends
posted on: 2020-09-05

Admit it. You’ve always wanted the ability to magically befriend wild animals, like the Beastmaster or some Disney princess. But while most of us can only dream of communicating with other creatures, Gabi Mann is pretty tight with the animal kingdom. This eight-year-old from Seattle is best friends with a flock of crows. In fact, they even give her gifts. This incredibly odd friendship began when she was just four and would constantly spill her food. The neighborhood birds took note, and they were soon watching Gabi every time she stepped outside, just in case she dropped some sort of tasty treat. As Gabi grew older, she intentionally started sharing her lunch with the crows, and it was soon an everyday thing. With her mother’s help, Gabi kept a bird feeder full of peanuts and regularly tossed dog food onto the lawn. And the crows started leaving presents. Once, it was an earring. Another time, it was a broken lightbulb. They left a button, a paper clip, a rock, and a Lego piece. Each time, the birds would gobble up the food and then leave a token of their appreciation. Soon, Gabi was collecting their little gifts, bagging each item and marking every present with the date, description, and the location where she found it. And even though she really loves the rusty screw and the black zipper, her favorite gift is a little plastic heart. As she told the BBC, “It’s showing me how much they love me.”

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