It has been said that writing brings form to chaos.

Please note that I created this site as a student project. I will continue to finish this site out over the course of the year. Your participation on this site greatly enhances my ability to debug and add functionality. Thanks and enjoy!

Current Missing Functionality

  • Password reset-- it involves emailing a link and updating and it is next on the list. This means you can always sign in using your email and the password 'password' for now.
  • adding age groups or more forums for younger tweesters.
  • Review sorting
  • Private forums
  • Some form validation
  • length restrictions
Good writing is a step on the path of establishing a credible story or narrative and these days it seems there is an ever-growing emphasis on concise writing.

Tweestmasters combines elements of Twitter and Toastmasters and serves as a place where writers can improve their skills in a collaborative and fun environment.

Getting Around:

At the heart of Tweestmasters is the tweest.

Tweests are tweested by users and reviewed by other users. Reviews contain a rating and a comment.

Tweestmasters uses forums to organize itself and is comprised of the main forum(called 'Master') and other user-created forums. Each forum has a leader and the leader creates articles for the forum. Forums can be public or private.

Any user can start a forum and get friends and family and other users to participate in it. For example a teacher could start a private forum for their classroom. Public groups should perhaps have a theme (sports, fashion, nature, etc) making it easier for their group to be classified and thus found.


Forum articles are nothing but guidance or inspiration for the tweests and a tweest is the product of your imagination. It can be fiction or autobiographical or whatever. The sole purpose is to entertain and to get better at writing by composing a short story based on the inspiration. Tweests can be reviewed by other members. The review consists of a rating and a comment feedback(hopefully helpful, witty, funny, etc).

The home page contains a feature article that changes on occasion. This article is from the Master forum. You can tweest in regards to this article or look through past articles and user tweests/reviews. You can also change to other forums from the home page.

Be nice, have fun, improve your tweesting chops. Oh and the tweest must be between 200 and 10,000 characters.